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OS Dilator Set

OS Dilator Set

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Each Premier® OS Dilator is manufactured to exacting standards. Made of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), which is malleable, ‘warm’ and self-lubricating, these instruments deliver excellent patient comfort. Usage and care instructions are provided below.

Os Locator is distinguished with a single ring and a yellow band around the handle. It is particularly useful in locating the external Os in patients presenting cervical stenosis.

Canal Finder has a double ring and a blue band around the handle. The slightly longer tip insinuates the cervical canal, while producing dilation.

Fundus Dilator is fitted with a triple ring and a green band on its handle. Having the longest tip of the set, this particular instrument can be passed through the entire length of the cervical canal and will open the internal Os.

The following guidelines ensure proper care and performance of the Os Dilators:
  • Do not bend the instrument more than 90˚ from its longitudinal axis.
  • Inspect instrument for cracks or breakage prior to EACH use.
  • Clean and sterilize before each use.
  • Os Dilators can be cleaned and sterilized by any approved method. (Dry heat sterilization not recommended.)
1030585 Set of Three, reusable