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Jackson Improved with Adapter

Jackson Improved

Are modified with a permanent 15mm adapter for use with positive pressure and anesthesia units.
The complete line of Premier Tracheostomy and Laryngectomy tubes are manufactured of stainless steel to exacting standards and under strict quality controls.

Precise tolerances and high quality guarantee a number of important benefits:

An interchangeable inner tube correctly fitted to the outer tube provides maximum airway and more efficient processing, cleaning and assembly. All Jackson Original and Improved Tracheostomy Tubes feature interchangeable construction of the same size.

A pilot (obturator) is shaped to be flush with the outer cannula to facilitate insertion.

Dimensions include tube size, outside diameter, inside diameter and length. Measurements are taken along the inside curve for the tube length.

Item Size OD ID Length Ins.
1034924 4 8.2 5.8 62 2.44
1034925 5 9.2 6.8 68 2.68
1034926 6 10.2 7.7 69 2.72
1034927 7 11.2 8.7 69 2.72
1034928 8 12.3 9.6 69 2.72

Short or extra-long tubes may be fitted with a permanent adapter.